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How does it work?

We are renting furnished rooms for one week or more, so it means during your stay we won't enter your room (except special cases), so you will have to clean up and prepare the futons for sleeping.

We prepare in your room the futons, covers, bath towel (one for each person), that you can use during your stay. If you need to wash these items, or for your own clothes, a washing machine is available on first floor.

Shampoo, conditionner and soap are also available in the room.

The room is equipped with air conditioner, fridge, microwave oven, toaster oven, teapot.

You can use some of the downstairs rooms (lounge, living room, terrasse, garden) from 8h to 21h. kids can play under the supervision of an adult.

Internet access: There is a free wifi network in the house.

As in every old wooden house, noise insulation is not very good, so we ask you to refrain from making noise (loud voice, music) betwen 21h and 7h.

At your arrival, when we give you the room key, and at your departure, we will have a look together in the room, if there is any degradation, we may charge you for repair.

Thank you