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About us

We are a Franco Japanese family living in Japan since 2006, with our two girls. Our taste for tropical beaches and old Japanese houses led us to Ishigaki island to restore the Lotus Bleu.

After living in Paris and then in Tokyo, after a one year back packer travel in Sout East Asia and South America, We decided to put some distance between us and the big cities, to give up the salary-man way of life for something more relax and more natural.

We try to give a second life to that old traditional Japanese house, by living there, organizing events and welcome guests around our passions.

With the years, our interest for Yoga, ayurveda and massages has grown to a point that we decided to focus our activity on that, and propose to our guests to experience it.


Maiko left Japan in her twenties to see the world, after one year in England and another year in France to learn English and French, she met Patrick and they left for a one year travel in Asia and South America, she came back to live in Paris and gave birth to her first daughter.

Back in Tokyo, she had her second daughter, and she starts to wonder, am i really happy? am I really healthy? she starts to question hew way of life, starting with food. She studied macrobiotics, ayurveda, and slowly changed her habits...and finally moved to Ishigaki in 2011 to find a more natural life.

As body and mind are connected, she started to be more and more interested in body work, and becames a Esalen massage practitionner in 2018 in Bali.


Patrick is French, he's been working for years in big companies in Paris and Tokyo, with some kind of success, but something was always missing.

To find what was missing, he travelled in Asia and South America,moved to Tokyo, and finally dropped his 'salary-man' career to start Le Lotus Bleu. In Ishigaki, he started to practice Yoga, and felt he finally found what he was looking for.

After 2 stays in India to learn Yoga, he is know teaching hatha yoga at Le Lotus Bleu. Found of nature and sea, he loves exploring Ishigaki most remote and beautiful areas, and will take you there for a hike or a swimm.