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A great thing to do on Ishigaki is looking for your ideal beach, here are a few of our preferred ones:

shiraho beach


Not the most beautiful beach on the island, but very close from house, it is the best place to watch blue coral as Shiraho owns one the biggest blue coral reef in the world.

Yonehara beach


A great beach, especially for kids: a few meters away from shore, you swim with fishes in the coral. You can find showers and toilets behind the beach

Yoshihara beach


Close to Yonehara, a wilder version of Yonehara beach, no showers, but the beach is all for you. Good snorkeling

Noname beach

Noname beach

a bit more difficult to access, the beach is worth the few minutes walk to get there.

Akaishi beach


Wild, wild, wild. A huge beach where you often can count more cows than people. snorkeling possible.

Sunset beach


That area (west coast north of Akaishi) is here you can find the finnest sand. On the other hand, there is few to see when snorkeling

and many more...

more beach

You'll have fun exploring Ishigaki, and you'll dfind your own ideal secret beach