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How to book?

To book a room, please send us a mail using the below tab, with:

- arrival and departure schedule, which room you'd like

- name of every guest (with age for children)

- your adress with a phone number

- your flight schedule to and from Ishigaki(if you know them already)

When receiving your message, we check availability, and we answer within 24h. IF you don't get an answer within 24h, please send us another message, or give us a phone call. We will send you a link for a deposit. Please note that the deposit is not refunded in case of cancellation, except if you flight is cancelled due to a typhoon (see below).

When answering, we will send you a short term lease contract, hat we aill ask you to sign when arriving. We need that contract to comply the regulation, we are not an hotel, we rent our rooms as short stay rental (this is the reson why we don't accpet shrter stays than 6 nights). Our house is a traditional merchand house, which is more than 100 years old, we kept its original structure and architectural features, to be able to provide an authentic experience, but it prevents us from operating as an hotel or ryokan under Japanese law. Therefore we need to use a short term lease agreement system.

Importants points

We ask you to read carefully what is below, when receiving your reservation request we suppose you agree with these points.

- as written before, we are not an hotel, so we don't provide the same services and equipment as an hotel.

- We kept the architectural features of the house, so as a consequence, windows are very low(kids can easilt walk through), and downstairs is mainly made of open door windows, we are not taking any responsability for injuries due to falling from the windows

- The structure of the house is made of huge beams, that it would be impossible to replace in case of damages like fire, we ask you topreserve the house, and therefore not to use fire in the house. The house is strictly non smoking, but you can smoke outside).

- In case of degradations in the room or in the commnon areas, we may ask you to pay the repair cost.

- As in all old wooden houses, noise insulation is not very good, so we ask you to refrain from making noise, especially at night.

- We are located in a very quiet traditional, not touristic, village and we try to fit in without disturbing the neighbourhood. There fore you cannot organise parties in the house (even when you rent all the house), and when wlaking in the village, we ask you to avoid to speak loud, and to wear clothes(don't walk around in swimsuit).

In case of typhoons

We have an average of 3 to 4 typhoons a year coming near Ishigak. Some can be very strong. We can have very strong wind and rain, and some power shutdowns. When a typhoon comes around, we have to close all shutters of the house, and we have to stay inside, for about 24h. During that time airport is closed, and flights schedule is disrupted for a few days.

Usually we know only 1 or 2 days before if typhoon is really coming soon enough to create problems, and in that case we apply the following rules:

- When your flight to arrive in Ishigaki is cancelled, you can decide to cancel your stay without any penalty(we refund the deposit).

- When you have to move your check out earlier, because your return flight could be cancelled , we don't charge for the nights you cancel.

- When the typhoon comes during your stay, if you don't feel safe and decide to move to an hotel (most big hotels have concrete structures, and run their own power systems in case of shutdown), we won't charge for the nights you stay out

- When you decide to stay with us, we won't take any responsability on damages or injuries that can occur.

The house went though all typhoons for 35 years in its current configuration, without significant damages, but we never know what happen if a bigger typhoon comes around.

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