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Sightseeing tours

If you don't like to drive while looking at a map, or if you have no time to discover the island on your own, we propose to show you our preferred spots on the island.

We have 2 tours, one on the west side, the other to the north

Each tour starts at 11 AM from Shiraho, we drive you through the island stopping on the most beautiful places, alterning short walks and breaks on the beach to swim.

We can adapt the tour to participants whill(see our pages beach and hiking).

We come back to Shiraho around 18h30

To the Nord

Start from Shiraho towards Inoda, Nosoko mont, Ibaruma, Akaiishi, Hirakubo,...

North tour

To the west

Start from Shiraho towards yonehara, Yoshihara beach, Kabira, Uganzaki,...

North tour


adults, 8000 yen/person

children (under 12), 5000 yen/person

the lunch is not included, we have lunch in a cafe or buy a bento box

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