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Yoga studio


We use asana (postures), pranayama (breathings) and relaxaton practices to get conscious of our bodies (yes in yoga we have several bodies:)) and of our mind

We believe these tools are powerful and effective ways to reconnect with yourself, to find serenity in difficult times, or just to relax

Our practice is not goal-oriented, the only goal is to fully feel what happens in the present moment.

We have small groups (rarely more than 6 people) so you'll get a lot of attention.

Our classes can fit all levels, beginners are welcome, more advanced practtitionners are welcome as well, we believe that in any posture there is something to explore for every level, and we will guide you there.

We offer diffferent styles, from very relaxing Hatha to powerful Vinyasa, with different teachers, classes in English and Japanese.

Private lessons, beach yoga, SUP yoga also available.

The studio is located at Le Lotus Bleu, in Shiraho.